How to Make a Door Bumper with a Pool Noodle

Pool noodle door bumper.
Use a pool noodle to create a car door bumper.

If you park in a garage, you have to be careful every time you swing open a door, because you could damage not only the wall, but more importantly, you could damage the edge of your door.

Follow these instructions to make a bumper out of a simple pool noodle.

  • Position the noodle on the wall, keeping it level, so the front and back doors are protected when opened.
  • Attach the noodle to the wall using 1-5/8-inch drywall screws.

Watch the video to learn more.


  1. I am a senior and when it comes to using a ladder, I avoid it’s! We have screens over our gutters and I wanted a way to keep them free of excess pine straw and leaves. I designed a tool that I can use on most of my gutters, but not the ones that require an extension ladder. Does this interest you?
    PS you used my idea for cutting insulation bats with an electric carving knife!

  2. I used 1/2 inch pvc pipe secured to the wall at the studs,then cut the noodle to go on to the pipe. Then secure it with zip ties on both sides.

  3. I have a long, narrow driveway with stone walls on each side. I’m looking for a way to protect my car from being scratched by the wall when a less experienced driver backs out. I’ve had my car repainted so many times the paint must be two inches thick! Thanks for your help.


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