Planting Bulbs

Tulips and Daffodils are great for early spring color, but to see them you’ll have to plant your bulbs in the fall. A great way to plant these is to dig a trench the depth your bulbs need (about 6″ for Daffodils) and as long as you want. Be sure to add some bulb food when you plant the bulbs.

By mixing early bloomers like tulips you have color over a longer period. For a repeat performance next year you may have to dig up your tulip bulbs while the daffodils will do fine if left in the ground. The important thing to remember is to leave the foliage to die down completely so it will feed the bulb for next spring’s blooms.


  1. Can I plant bulbs in pots and leave them out over the winter? If so, how large should the pots be? Do I mulch too? HOw many can I put in a pot? I live in northern NM (Zone 5) and people tell me you can still plant because the ground is not frozen yet. I wanted to plant the remaining bulbs I have in pots …. is it too late?



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