Planning the First Time Homeowner Kitchen Renovation

Installing beadboard paneling on sunroom walls.

A lot of planning and design went into renovating the First Time Homeowner kitchen before the work actually began. Changes included:

  • Removing the wall between the kitchen and sunroom.
  • Leveling the floor in the sunroom.
  • Adding beadboard paneling to the walls of the sunroom.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Danny Lipford: Now it’s time to tackle the seriously outdated kitchen in this 70-year-old house. Chelsea’s been busy online looking at cabinet choices, and talking with the kitchen designers at Merillat cabinets.

Brian Schulz: How do you use or perceive your kitchen space? Do you entertain, do you work in the kitchen, those kind of things?

Chelsea Lipford: Right now I do more baking than cooking, and I am foreseeing an entertainment space.

Danny Lipford: They’ve agreed to help out with the design and provide some cabinets for her kitchen. That’s great news, because we’ve worked with Merillat many times before, and they always bring some cool ideas to the project.

Chelsea Lipford: I like the pullout, like the double trash can and recycle bins. And then a place to put all my baking sheets.

Danny Lipford: One idea is to open the kitchen up to the sun room behind it.

Chelsea Lipford: The sunroom that it’ll be opening to has a lot of light, so I don’t know, that’ll probably contribute once we open the wall between the kitchen and sunroom.

Danny Lipford: This area was originally a back porch. So, our first step was leveling that floor to bring it up flush with the kitchen. Now it’s time for the real work to start.

We’re also adding a decorative touch to the walls in the sun room. These beadboard panels can be painted the same color as the cabinets in the kitchen to help visually tie the two rooms together.


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