Pendant Light Fixtures Add Pizzazz to Your Home

Colorful pendant light fixtures can add pizzazz to your breakfast room, bar, or kitchen. The Home Depot now carries pendant lights, complete with matching decorator bulbs, in a wide range of styles and designs to give a touch of color and enhance the décor of any room in your house.

Watch this video to find out more.

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Jodi Marks: You know, changing out your old lighting fixture for a new lighting fixture in any room in your house can really add a lot of punch and impact to that particular room. Now I’m here with Shea in the lighting department and above our heads we’ve got a lot of pop and punch going on, don’t we?

Shea Pettaway: Yes, we do, Jodi. There used to be a time to get lighting like this you would have to go to a specialty lighting store. But now Home Depot offers all these different types of lighting.

Jodi Marks: This is awesome. I mean, look at all the different choices. Now, so, depending on your decor you could find a pendant light, which is perfect for going over a breakfast area or a bar area in your kitchen to really add a little pizzazz. Let’s kind of highlight some of these.

Shea Pettaway: Yes. For instance, like this right here you have the vintage lighting that comes with it. It adds a lot of personality to a room that you’re looking to get that pop to.

Jodi Marks: Mmm-hmm, look at this one in the back, the little green one right there, that’s the tulip one. And that adds a lot of whimsy and airiness to the room. And, you know, one of the things that you were pointing out is like with this vintage one. You see how the light bulb is actually part of the overall decor look of the fixture. So you’ve got replacement lights right here. And these lights actually come with these particular ones. So you don’t have to buy the separate bulb to get the overall look.

Shea Pettaway: That’s right.

Jodi Marks: I tell you, this is a great way, like we said, to add punch, color, pop, whatever to your kitchen area.


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