Paint Roller Tips

Painting is one of those chores that many homeowners take on themselves, but the mess of clean up can really tempt one to consider hiring it out. Here are a couple of tips to simplify the use and clean up of paint rollers for your next project.

  • If your project takes more than one day, don’t try to clean the roller each day, store it wet. Remove the wet sleeve from the roller cage by putting your hand into a plastic grocery bag and pulling it off. Then wrap the roller sleeve inside the bag and tie it off with a twist tie. You can store the wet sleeve in the refrigerator for several days before putting it back on the cage to continue painting.
  • One of the biggest messes that can happen while you’re rolling is to have the sleeve work its way off the roller frame. This messy annoyance can be cured by bending out the wires of the roller cage to increase their tension on the sleeve.

Watch this video to find out how.


  1. Thank you for these videos! I’ve been painting my house by myself for the last month and just came upon this website to find tips on painting the stairwell! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Just the roller in the “fridge” for the nite has been a real “water” saver for me! I’ve been washing out the roller and brush every nite before going to bed! Thanks so much for the help and video!

  2. I’ve been cleaning them in the sink which was never satisfactory. Lately I’ve run into videos on Google videos and you tube videos that show some really good Ez paint roller cleaners…simple and fast and you can re-use them again and again. No More Throw Away

  3. Jean, I’m so glad that you found these few tips helpful. There are plenty more painting tricks and hints revealed–both at, and on Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford tv show–so be sure to keep in touch. Thanks for writing.–Joe T.

  4. Joe or to who might be interested; I’ve made mention before about an easy and effortless way to really clean your paint rollers. The Ez Roller Cleaner in a video on Youtube videos and on Google videos. The Ez Roller Cleaner was designed and produced and patented by me and is available in small quanities. It’s a wonderful way to clean your rollers and re-use them right away,”even with a color change.” I am saying all of this to GET PEOPLE TO CLEAN THEIR ROLLERS… Quit “throwing them away.” My Ez Roller Cleaner is great but if your so inclined as a “do-it-yourself person,” you can make your own with a 5 gallon bucket,some holes in the bottom and a piece of wood screwed to the bucket so you can fasten your roller, a slot for the wire holder and clamp it in and…HAVE AT IT! It’s easier with mine but save a few bucks….AT LEAST YOU WILL BE CLEANING THEM … instead of “Throwing them Away” the landfill will like you.

  5. Hey Gene, Thanks for alerting me to the EZ Roller video. Clever product, but you can get the same results by just holding the roller frame inside a garbage can and using a garden hose to rinse off the paint. Then just pour the watered-down paint into empty paint cans or other suitable container for proper disposable. Take care, JT

  6. Joe T; Thanks for your reply. I figure you’re like me and have found interesting ways to clean a roller…Trash can!!! good idea, mine was in a 5 gallon bucket or other shape of container. After viewing other complicated ideas and patents..Jets of water (here and there) and electric spinning devices, I said to my self “enough…keep it simple” and thats where my Ez Roller Cleaner came into being. Not everyone is tuned to getting water to spin out the paint, most are just the mind set of “throw away” or try to squish-em-out in the sink. With one of my videos I show how to collect the paint water in a 5 gallon bucket under the cleaner bucket and dispose of it properly…..Again thanks for your in-put gene mundl

  7. Joe, The best way to clean roller covers that we have come across is a tool called a spinout. It works great and fast. I found it by chance on the web.


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