Behr Paint and Primer in One Can

Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint eliminates the need for separate primer and topcoat by combining both into one can. The 100% acrylic latex paint comes in several sheens in both interior and exterior paints and is available at The Home Depot.


  1. I want to paint my garage door and want to know what I should do first, to prepare before painting. I saw Danny Lipford on Show Me St. Louis program. I am thinking of using the Behr Marquee paint with both the primer and the paint in it and wondered what kind of sheen I should use. I will be getting a color in black. Also, I will be painting the frames on my wood screens. I live in St. Louis, MO and things tend to become weathered in the winter. Also, can you suggest what I should look for in hiring a carpenter. I am needing to have my wooden storm door replaced and some fascia board replaced to. thank you

  2. Your premium semi gloss latex paint sucks.took 3 coats to cover a primed wall..I wouldn’t use your product again if it was free..How dare u advertise it as a great coverage paint

  3. I got i300 Behr 1gal white flat.i had a purple color on my wall . I’m really pleased with the result. I’m so excited and happy to see the results.thank you Behr

  4. I purchased 1qt Behr premium plus exterior semi- gloss enamel med base 5400. Painting on wood. Can paint be used for aluminum siding for touch up??


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