Home Exterior Makeover: New, Beautiful Deck, Door and Trim

Replacing the Deck

The wood deck needed painting every few years, and Merry Beth wanted a low-maintenance option, so we’re installing Fiberon composite decking.  

Old wood deck on second floor of home
This wood deck offers sweeping views of Merry Beth’s backyard, but it’s a pain to maintain, and it’s showing wear and tear.
Home exterior makeover featuring Fiberon composite deck
The Fiberon composite deck completely refreshes this space, and it’ll look that way for years to come.

This decking is capped top and bottom, so it’s perfect for a second-story deck. And its hidden fastener system means there are no visible screws. 

With the thumbs up from Fiberon’s Dave Jarvis, the backyard deck is transformed, and this home’s exterior makeover is almost complete.

Chelsea Lipford Wolf, Danny Lipford and Merry Beth Cutler of Exeter, Rhode Island, work together to replace a screen from a sliding patio door.
Replacing the screen on a sliding patio door is a DIY-friendly project and requires just a few tools.

Replacing the Screen Door

While looking for more projects to tackle during this home’s exterior makeover, we found a door that needs some new screen. Suddenly, we had our own project, helping Merry Beth repair the screen door that leads to the deck. 

Replacing the screen is easy and requires just a few tools. Watch “How to Repair a Sliding Patio Door Screen” for the step-by-step guide!

Merry Beth Cutler spray paints a brass light fixture
Merry Beth is happy that she can spray-paint her carriage lights, rather than replace them for about $200 each.

Painting Carriage Lights

We know Merry Beth wants everything on her home to match, and when she sees the front door’s new handle, it’s clear that the brass carriage lights clash.

So, we removed those lights and let Chelsea work her magic. She shows Merry Beth how to block out the light fixtures with painters tape and spray-paint that brass black.

Danny Lipford, Chelsea Lipford Wolf and Merry Beth Cutler
Danny Lipford and Chelsea Lipford Wolf, with Merry Beth Cutler, of Exeter, Rhode Island.

Post-Production Thoughts

Following this exterior makeover, Merry Beth’s home has a great new look. The Therma-Tru fiberglass door adds color, character and energy efficiency, while the new beefier Fypon moldings around it and the window beg neighbors to notice them and the rest of the house.  And the Fiberon decking and rails out back not only look incredible, they’ll continue to look that way for years to come.

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Chelsea Lipford Wolf, Danny Lipford and Merry Beth Cutler of Exeter, Rhode Island, work together to replace a screen from a sliding patio door.Watch & Learn
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