Natural light in homes can have a positive influence on our mood while reducing the energy used by artificial lighting.

Take advantage of natural lighting during daylight hours to brighten up your home by installing mirrors in strategic locations so they will reflect sunlight to other parts of the room.

In rooms with little or no natural light, consider installing tubular skylights in the ceiling to provide an energy-efficient source of natural light.

Natural Light
Living ‘green’ can be totally free sometimes — if you take advantage of natural light. (DepositPhotos)


People who live in glass houses….are probably thinking green! Ok, I know that’s not how the saying actually goes, but it brings up a great point. Green can be totally free sometimes. During the daylight hours, take advantage of the natural light to brighten your home. Besides being green, it’s healthy, too. Studies have already proved that daylight energizes us and affects our mood, so open the drapes and take advantage of nature. Be sure to keep any landscaping trimmed so it doesn’t block the sun from your windows. You can also add mirrors in strategic locations to increase the reflection of sunlight to other parts of the room. Speaking of mirrors, here’s a related way to get natural light into places without the benefit of windows, like closets, hallways and bathrooms. Solar tubes are a style of skylight that uses a reflective surface, much like a mirror, to bring in the sunshine. With one of these installed, it eliminates the need to turn on the lights during daylight hours, which means you’ll be saving money while breathing a little life into the interior of your home.

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