Reviving a Ranch-Style House

Dated wood paneling in a bedroom with unsightly carpeting
Before you paint wood paneling, you need to prep the surface. Use a paint sprayer to get into all those grooves.

Painting Paneling in a Ranch-Style House

Wood paneling is a fixture in many ranch-style houses from the mid-1950s — and it brings out strong feelings in many homeowners. Some folks like it; others don’t.

And both groups often have no problem telling you what to do about the wood paneling in your own home!

Bedroom with painted wood paneling and hardwood floors
Mary Helen and Lucy’s bedroom now has an airy appearance after we painted the dark wood paneling.

In this case, Cheslea knows she wants to paint the paneling.

So, we prime the paneling with a paint sprayer to make the job much easier and more efficient. That’s the because the sprayer gets inside all those pesky grooves. We’ll use the same sprayer for the finish paint.

Gus' maroon bedroom, before renovation
We’re sure this bedroom looked lovely ‘back in the day,’ but it’s time for a refresh.

Surprises Along the Way

Every homeowner encounters little surprises that didn’t come up during the visits before closing on the house, or inspection. The ones we found in this home range from amusing to concerning.

Chelsea likes the living room fireplace, but not its brass accessories. As she removes the logs, she notices that they’re homemade electric logs with a fake flame.

That’s an amusing surprise — now for the concerning one.

Painted bedroom with painted flooring in a ranch-style house
Gus’ bedroom didn’t have hardwood floors directly under the carpet. So, he has painted flooring — for now.

Chelsea has planned to paint Gus’ new room and reward herself afterward by removing the carpet. She hopes that will reveal hardwood floors.

Unfortunately, hardwood floors weren’t immediately under the carpet. Instead, she found a painted floor. So, an area rug is in this room’s near future!

Those are just some of the changes Chelsea and Brandon have made to their new home. Stay tuned for more from this ranch-style home’s transformation!

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  1. Chelsea, I have a blue bathroom exactly like yours and it is so intimidating I don’t know how to update. Can’t wait to see how you do it.

  2. Just curious if the addition in the last house didn’t quite do the trick so you moved or you found a great deal? Spill, please. We have a new baby and are a family of 5 too. 😉

    • Hi, sahmpaw! Chelsea and Brandon outgrew their old house, so it was time to move on.
      They loved their old home, but the kids needed more room to run around, and Mom and Dad wanted them to have it. 🙂


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