Jodi Marks holds a Milwaukee Brad Nailer in a Home Depot store during a Best New Products taping.
Why we love Milwaukee’s Brad Nailer: There are no gas cartridges to buy and no compressor and hose to keep up with!

If you’ve ever used a nail gun for projects around your house, you know how much easier it makes them. But you also know that the compressor and the hose that ties you to it can be a big hassle.

So, the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 18ga Brad Nailer may be your solution. It operates using Milwaukee’s RedLithium batteries and sealed compressed nitrogen to drive each nail with pneumatic performance. There are no gas cartridges to buy and no compressor and hose to keep up with.

This model has all the features you look for in a quality pneumatic nailer — like tool-free drive-depth adjustment, sequential and contact firing modes, dry-fire lockout and a tool-free jam-clearing latch.

Slow firing rates are a common complaint with some battery-operated nailers, but this one claims a “zero ramp-up” so you can fire nails as fast you need to.

It’s compact in size so you can get into tight spaces, and lightweight so it won’t wear you out.

The M18 Fuel 18ga Brad Nailer delivers the pneumatic performance that professional carpenters and remodelers expect — with the freedom and convenience of cordless.

Watch the video to learn all about this Best New Product!

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