Many Uses for Spray Paint on the Kuppersmith Project House

On a big job like the Kuppersmith Project house, you may not think about using spray paint, but we used it for everything from painting foundation vents to changing the finish on hardware.

After using a wire brush to remove the rust from our cast iron foundation vents, we sprayed them with Universal Primer from Rust-Oleum, followed by several coats of Universal Satin spray paint to match the color of the trim on the house.

We also used a plastic formulated Rust-Oleum product to paint all of the white roof vent pipes gray, so they would blend in better with the roofing.

In addition, we used spray paint to change the oil-rubbed bronze finish on the back porch door hardware to a brushed nickel finish inside the house, so it would match the hardware in the home.

Watch this video to find out more.


  1. I need to change the appearance of several new galvanized steel pipes to a rusted appearance….can it be done ?…..HELP ME!

    • Hi, Joanne,

      Danny says, “All I can think of is if you were to use an aggressive sandpaper such as 80-grit, it should scar the surface enough that Mother Nature will take it from there.”

      Good luck!


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