Low Maintenance Garden

Gardens require maintenance, there’s no getting around that fact. Most of us, however, don’t have very much time to dedicate to those chores, so we’re looking for ways to at least reduce the amount of maintenance our gardens require.

One solution is to begin with good soil. Add organic material to the soil before planting the garden. This can be compost from your own compost pile or something you purchase like humus or mushroom compost. This organic material will help your plants thrive for the life of the garden.

If you choose to fertilize, use a slow release product that mixes into the soil at planting time so you don’t have to bother with it again through the season. The addition of mulch to the garden will reduce the growth of weeds and therefore your weeding chores through the season.


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    need some color ideas
    it is length of mobile home, both top and bottom
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