LG SideKick Pedestal Washer

LG Sidekick Pedestal Washer

I have to confess that I enjoy doing laundry. I find it therapeutic. The LG Sidekick Pedestal Washer makes me love it even more.

Disguised as an everyday pedestal, it pairs with almost any LG front load unit so you can wash two loads at the same time. The SideKick has 1 cubic foot of washing space, and gives delicates, hand washables, and those needed-at-the-last-minute items the special care they deserve.

With a washing machine like this, you might enjoy doing laundry as much as I do!

The LG Sidekick Pedestal Washer is available at The Home Depot.


  1. Ammonia is the only thing that killed the mold
    I’ve used everything the washer stinks more each time I use it I’m gagging on the smell,
    Nothing has stopped the smell,
    I had a top load washer for 30 years, never smelled wish I still had it.


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