Leviton Motion Sensor Light Switch

Leviton motion sensor light switch.
Leviton motion sensor light switch.

One of my pet peeves is people leaving the light on after they leave the room.

Leviton’s IPS02 Occupancy Sensor Switch automatically turns the lights on when you enter a room and off when you leave. Sensors have 180-degree span to scan the entire room, or you can program it to scan only a certain area.

Another feature is a manual on and off switch. So, if they do remember to turn the lights off, all they have to do is hit that switch. It’s a perfect solution for saving energy on your power bill.

It is available at The Home Depot.


  1. In your recent episode you installed a Leviton occupancy light sensor in an attic. Can you provide where I can buy it?

  2. Just curious, if I had a backlit bathroom counter top and the led strips was 12v which comes with a plug in for 220v (converter) How can I make this work? Is there one that I can plug the converter into the plug the sensor in the plug in wall socket?



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