LED Outdoor Solar Lighting

These solar powered landscape lights use LED technology to provide a brighter light to illuminate your walk or drive at night. Hampton Bay LED solar landscape lighting is available at The Home Depot in several styles and finishes.


    • Hi Kevin,
      Sorry you’re having trouble finding the LED walk lights. The Home Depot doesn’t stock all items in every store, and what’s available online can vary as well. Also, some of our Best New Products are so new they aren’t yet in Home Depot stores, so check back.

  1. Thank you! By chance can you tell us anything about the solar lighting in episode: (704) Eco-Friendly Living: How to Have a Greener Home. We cannot find anything remotely close to them in the store or website except for some “low voltage” lights, not “solar”???

  2. Thank you again! We did follow the link you provided and reviewed all of the results. We did not find the particular lights featured in either episode. We did find some that were some what similar lights but, they indicated that that were “in store only” and we were in the store last night (12-9-2009) and double checked the display and had an employee help us. Nothing even close to what was featured on the show. However there were some low voltage lights that were very close to what was on the show(episode #704) but, no “solar”. The first lights we were looking for were “Hampton Bay”. Could those be seasonal? The second set(episode #704) we are not sure of the manufacturer. Do you know who made those? Any other ideas? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Kevin,
      I was in our Home Depot in Mobile AL yesterday where the segment was shot, and they still had a big display of the one’s Jodi featured in the aisle. They were made by Hampton Bay for $3.97 each and the SKU number was 987-937 if that helps (it doesn’t pull up anything on The Home Depot website but maybe your store can find them using the SKU). I couldn’t find any info on the outdoor lighting shown in the 704 episode.

  3. Dear Ben,

    Thank you so much! We really appreciate your extra effort! It appears as though (obviously now) that each “HD” will sometimes carry slightly different inventory. I called one of our two local “HD’s” (Eugene, Oregon) and they said that they had them in the “system” but, none on hand and non on order. I asked if it might be seasonal? She said maybe and to check back in the April/May timeframe. If you get any more info on the episode #704 lights please let us know. Otherwise, thank you very much!


    Peggy & Kevin

    p.s. it seems to us, based upon the comments made by the staff at HD that the website is ran like a different company(maybe it is a different company or at least division). Kind of the same way Best Buy and Costco are ran. That might explain the difference in inventory between the stores and website and the SKU not showing up on the website. Just a hunch.

  4. Hi Kevin; i live in a rural hi-desert area with amazing stars at night. To proterct that our town expects low lighting, which i bought out the Home Depot displays and it looks great. We also bought the silver Hampton Bay LED walk lights sku 987-706 model.we are adding to our walk paths continuously and Home Depot carries NONE of any low lighting now. it amazes me that companies stock an item, get a great response and then disregard it. Home Depot says it was a promotional item from Hampton Bay and maybe they will get more. I would like to find them. Any ideas?

  5. None! Thank you for the sku! I ran the sku through the HD website… no luck/results. I will take it to the store on our next trip. Thank you again.

  6. I really like the look and style of these lights, but for some reason I haven’t been able to get them to actually light up in my yard. Are there any tricks to getting them to work or should I buy a better quality?

    • Hi Nick,
      It could be that your solar powered landscape lights do not receive full sun so the battery in them isn’t recharging fully every day, or perhaps they’re older and the rechargeable battery may have become depleted.

  7. I need to purchase the black sharp tips that goes into the ground, mine got stuck in the dirt too far.HELP i have a party this Saturday


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