Toilet with blue light illumination in seat.
Cachet LED Nightlight toilet seat from Kohler.

The Kohler Cachet LED Nightlight toilet seat (model# K-4888-0) makes trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night easy.

Features of the Cachet LED Nightlight toilet seat include:

  • Battery powered LED guide lights on a seven-hour automatic cycle to illuminate your way in the bathroom at night.
  • Battery powered LED lighting that illuminates the bowl when the lid is lifted.
  • Quiet-Close lid to keep from waking everyone up.
  • Quick-Release function for easy removal for cleaning.

The Kohler LED Nightlight Toilet Seat is available at The Home Depot. Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Jodi Marks: Don’t you hate it when you have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom? You walk into the bathroom. You don’t want to turn on the overhead light because you don’t want to completely wake up, but you also have got to find where the toilet seat is.

Well, look no further than right here. Kohler, those clever people, have come up with a really neat, innovative night-light that’s incorporated into the toilet seat. Now, I don’t know if you can see it here, but it’s got a blue LED light, and it’s illuminated with four double-A batteries. It just pops in under the seat.

Not only does it illuminate the toilet, but it also lights up the bowl as well. Now another feature on this elongated seat is that it has a slow-closing lid, so that it doesn’t slam down and make a lot of noise at night as well.

Another feature of this, it’s very easy to remove. So that when you’re cleaning it—cleaning your toilet—it makes it a lot more convenient. The thing to remember, though, is because it is battery-operated, you’ll have to replace those batteries maybe every five to six months. But again, another neat idea from Kohler.

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  1. I own this seat and love the nightlight feature but their are some cons.

    Every couple months when you need to change the batteries you have to remove the entire seat to get to the batteries.

    Im not sure how much wear and tear the hardware can take before the threading warps.

    And theres only one timing option 8hrs. which I would 6 so I didn’t have to change the batteries so much

  2. I own 4 of these seats. It would be nice if they were designed to remove the batteries without removing the entire seat. Leah use the button for a high and low setting you’ll get a little more life out of the batteries. The no slam lid is also a great feature.

  3. I installed this seat as a replacement and it’s the best. The no slam is awesome. The nite light is awesome being we are seniors and you don’t have to turn on any lights thru the night. The way it removes from the toilet is simple. I’d recommend this seat for anybody building or remodeling. I did have a problem with the light ( housing was cracked out of the box) and Kolher sent me out a new replacement without any hassle at all. 5 out of 5 Stars from me…!!!

  4. Good looking seat but the light feature is a joke.
    If it’s pitch black you can definitely see where the toilet is to sit down on but that’s it… Any man will still have to turn on a light ..

    I dont even know how there is a such thing a that dim of a LED light these days.. I should have saved the extra money.

  5. Mine came in the original package with NO instructions which made installing a bit of a hassle. Wife likes the light. I would give it 5 stars. Now we will see how long it continues to work. I see they sell replacement lights, soooo we will see…..

  6. Love the light, but it definitely stays on longer than seven hours. I had to change batteries after about six weeks.
    The seat also works better with some toilets than others, if your holes are set back a bit the light will not illuminate in the bowl.

  7. I need help the light in my toilet seat has turned red!! And I don’t know why can u help me get it to go back blue?? Please help

  8. I purchased a Koehler toilet with night light toilet seat my plumbmer purchased it for me had no instructions, the light lasted only a couple of months, did not know that it had batteries , where can I purchase the batteries and how much do they cost and would appreciate instruction on how to replace the batteries and how to use this seat it suppose to be closed in order not to use up the batteries. Would have been nice to have instructions.

  9. FYI, This is great if you read the instructions, if you don’t have them go to utube videos. Home Depot has an easy video even a child can understand.
    **The light has 4 different settings, *high, *med, *low, and off.
    You have to press the button to figure out the settings. Ours is on the low setting and we can see perfectly! The battery life is one year on low. If it’s on High you will be buying batteries!
    We are buying another one in the next couple of days !
    ***** 💙

  10. Does anyone know how long the batteries will last on normal usage? Looking for a replacement period but all I can find is that it will stay on for 7 hours.

  11. Read the instructions for most questions
    Red means low battery
    You can slide the seat off without unscrewing the bolts to change the batteries
    Read the instructions people!!

    • Very easy to change the batteries, if the seat was properly installed.
      1- lift the two tabs that cover the two bolts
      2- Gently pull the seat and the seat cover towards you – the front of the bowl – the seat and the cover will snap off of the two bolts
      3- Turn the seat and the cover upside down and place on a flat surface
      4- With a flat screw driver gently snap off the battery and light housing unit – be careful not to crack the housing unit
      5- Replace the batteries as marked in the housing unit
      6- Slide the seat and cover back onto the posts that hold the the bolts; snap the bolt covers down
      7- Set the intensity of the light by pressing the black marked switch in back of the housing – intense, intermediate and low to meet your needs. With low intensity, batteries should last 9-12 months.
      8- Remember to turn the unit on around 6 or 7 pm – stays on for 12 hours.


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