LED Lights from Hampton Bay

These LED surface mounted accent lights are available in battery powered or wired versions, and are great for mounting under cabinets or for accent lighting. LED bulbs stay cool to the touch and use half of the electricity of regular bulbs. They’re easy to install and can last up to 20 years. LED Accent lights from Hampton Bay are available at The Home Depot stores.


  1. puchased two three lite units led type brush nickel finish.Cluster of twelve bulbs per puck lite. worked fine for week and a half,one unit started flickering three bulbs from one cluster of twelve were flickering. how can this problem be rectified? would appreciate help thank you.

  2. Bought the three light set of hampton Bay lights Model 7200 and the third one stopped working ina very short time. Went back to Home depot and they said they don’t carry that model anymore . No Parts no replacement ……..>????

  3. Purchase 9 sets $$$ spent some real money. Installed all 9 sets in a large kitchen/work area. More than half of the puck lights burned out in the first two weeks. E-mailed my problem to Hampton Bay. . .no response. I thought LED lights would last forever, something is wrong with this product. Home Depot does not carry them anymore. I guess I wasted some $$$$.
    Do NOT buy this cheap LED set. The puck lights will flicker and then burn out quickly.

  4. Bought two sets of three LED puck lights from Home Depot in June 2010. One burned out in the first 6 months; now another has burned out. Home Depot doesn’t carry them anymore but you can call HD’s customer service number 800-654-0688. They’ll ask for the UPC code number and say they’ll try to find replacement parts. We’ll see.

  5. I have the same issue as the above customers. I installed six lights and three are not working. Home Depot does not carry them anymore. What is even worse is that I ran the wires to the transformers behind the tile backsplash!!
    I guess that’s what you get HENCHO en China!!

  6. Home Depot put me in touch with the importer, Lights of America; phone is 800-377-4545. Since these LED lights have been discontinued, they do not carry replacement parts. So we’re SOL.

  7. Bought 6 of these same Hampton Bay LED puck lights featured in the video for our kitchen cabinets. Sorry we purchased them. 3 of them flicker horribly. Wires were run behind the drywall so replacement will be a pain.

    Lessons learned:
    (1) look for lights that can be easily changed if they burn out (or flicker)
    (2) Never buying Hampton Bay branded products again.

  8. Danny;
    The above comments are probably why I couldn’t find this product at Home Depot yesterday. There was another brand at the store, but with the poor comments about the Hampton Bay product, I am now reluctant to purchase. Might want to speak with your webmaster to pull your recommendation of the Hampton Bay product–sounds like a dud–and doesn’t do anything for our credibility either.

    Nonetheless, I’m still a fan because many of the other home improvement shows are too over the top for the “regular” guy with costs. They spend more on a counter top from some joint in Italy than I can spend on a entire room.



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