The Cimmaron toilet from Kohler is a comfortable 17” high, the same as most chairs. The standard model is economical as well, using either 1.4 or 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF). An EcoSmart model is also available that requires only 1.28 GPF, 20% less than most toilets. Kohler’s exclusive Drylock system makes installation easy. The Cimarron toilet is available at The Home Depot stores.


  1. you had the information in plain language I wass looking for the information on the heighth of the comfort model. and most umportant = where it could be purchased
    chuck Knox

  2. We have a new Kohlrr elongated high rise toilet we bought in May from Lowe’s in Greece NY.
    The water does not come past the trap in the toilet bowl and wonder if someone could give us some help with what to do.
    Thanks.. Don Hagreen

  3. We just bought and installed a Koehler Cimarron 478851 PB WHITE CS QCQR
    it flushes and then the float will not shut water off! What is the problem?


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