Kitchen Update with Open Layout and More Storage

Homeowners Jason and Beth Quave love their 1980s home, but the kitchen is dark, dated and too closed off from the rest of the house — that’s our cue to update this kitchen!

Some projects we cover in this makeover include:

  • Removing the cabinets. The kitchen cabinets block the view of the family room, so Jason and Beth have to bend down to see their kids. That’s inconvenient — and unnecessary — when we could remove the cabinets altogether. Opening up space is in style, so this is a win-win!
  • Relocating the cabinet hardware. This kitchen has an unusual design choice: cabinets with knobs located at the center. This is not a standard design choice, and — more important — it’s not Jason and Beth want in their home. So we’re removing the knobs and the hinges and updating the kitchen cabinets with something more modern. And we’re positioning them near the edges of the cabinet doors, which is just how the homeowners want them.
  • Painting the cabinets. Jason and Beth want their cabinets to look more modern, so we’re painting them white. Cabinets make up so much of the kitchen, so this update will have a big impact. The lighter color also happens to open up this space — a bonus!
  • Installing a new range hood. The kitchen always smells like last night’s dinner because the range hood doesn’t vent to the outside; it just recirculates air through the kitchen. So we’re cutting an access hole in the roof and installing a high-performance range hood that will improve the room’s air quality.
  • Installing floating shelves. We’ll boost storage, and complete this kitchen makeover, with some floating shelves. They’re stylish, modern and on-trend!

Check out the ‘Freshen Up Your Kitchen’ episode article for more information on this project!

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  1. Where is the line between painting and replacing cabinets? How fixable are drawers that don’t open and close properly or pull out cabinet shelves whos mounting brackets have come off and are no longer usable — would I still want to paint these cabinets or replace them? Also, I noticed the room trim was also changed to white, was that painted or replaced with new trim? My house was built in the late 80’s and we have brown wood trim everywhere — I think white is more modern and would love to paint white but it seems like a lot of work.

    • Hi, Dorene,
      Totally up to you whether to paint or replace cabinets and drawers!
      You can fix just about anything — but you’d have to take time to investigate the problem and then hunt for replacement parts at the home center.
      Some folks would prefer to just buy new cabinets and drawers that are already white and be done with it. 🙂
      We painted this kitchen’s crown molding and trim and the total renovation just cost $1,200.
      Glad to hear it inspired you!


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