Kitchen Ideas to Suit Your Family

I visited the Merillat booth at the International Builders’ Show, which featured four different kitchens with each one modeled to fit the needs and lifestyle of a particular type of family. The four kitchen types are:

  • Career Builder: A simplistic kitchen design that’s geared toward those who are not really into cooking, but want high-end materials to enhance the resale value of their home.
  • Busy Bee: This kitchen design is for those who do more eating out than dining in and includes a lot of organizing features.
  • Entertainer: If you enjoy entertaining and want a stylish look for your kitchen, this is the design for you.
  • Domestic Dweller: This family oriented design is for those who like to cook and make the kitchen the center of family life around the home.

Examining your lifestyle is a great way to get ideas for the kitchen design and needs in your home.


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