Kitchen Cabinet Door Rack

Kitchen cabinet cutting board holder made from towel bars.
Kitchen cabinet cutting board holder made from towel bars.

Inexpensive towel racks mounted on the inside of kitchen cabinet doors makes a great way to store cookie sheets and cutting boards for easy access.

To make a cabinet door rack:

  1. Cut two towel bars to length, allowing enough room for the cabinet door to close.
  2. Attach the towel bars to the door, using short enough screws so they won’t go through the cabinet door.
  3. Mount a narrow shelf at the bottom made from a piece of 1/4″ plywood attached to a 1″x2″ board.

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  1. Good idea. Something odd though. At 0:32-0:34, he’s cutting the towel bar with the saw crossing over the arm that’s holding bar. Huh!?

  2. Hey Tom,
    Glad you liked the kitchen storage rack idea. And I agree, the action of cutting the towel bar does look a bit odd, and here’s why: I happen to be left handed, so I had to reach over the saw to grab the piece of bar being trimmed off. I guess I could’ve just let it fall to the floor, but I thought the clanking sound of the bar hitting the tile floor would’ve been distracting to the veiwers. Now ordinarily I would’ve just stepped around to the other side of the bar, to avoid having to reach over the saw, but the cameraman and lights were already in position and I didn’t want to rearrange the whole shoot.–Joe T.

  3. Excellent post.I want to thank you for this informative.I really appreciate sharing this great post.

  4. Hi CKC, Thanks! Glad you liked the tip. Stay tuned, we have lots more Simple Solutions coming your way, both on-line and on the air. Good luck!–Joe T.


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