Kitchen and Bath Industry Show Home Products 2006

Danny travels to Chicago for the annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show–to find the latest and greatest in kitchen and bath products, designs, and trends to keep you ahead of the curve.

The kitchen and bath industry show is where hundreds of different manufacturers introduce the latest and greatest products for two of the most important rooms in the house: the kitchen and the bath. Although the general public was not invited, we had a pass to do a little window shopping, a little trend shopping and give you a sneak peek of what’s out there.

Danny Lipford at KBIS 2006

Here’s a snapshot of just some of the products and emerging trends we found:

Silhouette Door from Merillat Cabinets
The introduction of Merillat Classic Silhouette presents an option for homeowners who want a clean, understated look. The beauty lies in the straight lines and right angles. Its full-overlay design, five-piece drawer front and recessed center panel is well suited to a range of designs, from sleek, contemporary spaces to charming, period-style homes. It is available in Maple and Cherry wood species in all finishes.

Stockton Series from Yorktowne Cabinetry
Taking its influence from Shaker styling, Stockton gives it a new twist by placing a recessed solid wood center panel into a wider frame made from 3″ stiles and rails. A new take on an old-time Hoosier cabinet is made possible with the wide variety of new cabinet shapes introduced by Yorktowne. For purely modern function we also found a two-drawer base cabinet, and slide out furniture legs with built-in spice rack.

Wood kitchen cabinets

KraftMaid Storage Solutions
The company extends the modern look to the way the cabinets are organized and brings a whole new idea to the appliance garage with the Harmony™ Tambour Storage unit. The Contempo collection features uncommon storage solutions like utensil holders that come complete with cooking tools, and solid-bottom, chrome baskets for practical storage.

KV® Virtu™ Easy Corner
The easy corner features a door-actuated mechanism that pulls the system out of the blind corner and into the cabinet opening. Knape & Vogt also introduced a new lazy susan concept – the system features two drawers and four side baskets.

Soko Doormen™ pulls from the ® Man-Handles Collection
The 18″ entry size pulls a produced in a choice of hand-cast stainless and hand-cast bronze; Man Handles create an artistic focal point for large interior doors, cabinets and integrated appliances.

Wind Crest Induction Cooktop
The induction cooktop uses electromagnetic energy to heat the pan while the cooktop remains cool. The result is faster cook time, better heat distribution, greater energy efficiency and a cleaner, safer kitchen.

Sharp Insight Pro™ Microwave Drawer™
The microwave drawer provides an alternative to a countertop unit and gives homeowners the ability to incorporate the drawer into almost any design layout or configuration.

Dacor Epicure® Ranges
New Epicure® ranges feature high-powered simmer sear burners that enable precise control over the heat source and accommodate specific needs from ultra low heat for delicate chocolates to a rolling boil in a stock pot. Larger grates also cover more surface area to make maneuvering easy. Extra details include illuminated knobs that add style and double as a safety feature to let you know when a burner has been left on.

TurboChef 30″ Double Wall Speedcook Oven
The retro-designed unit gained attention not only because of its unique appearance but also because of its performance. The Speedcook oven is said to cook up to 15 times faster than a conventional oven, cook the food evenly and increase the moisture retained.

Stainless steel stove with cooktop

Caldera Cooktop
The touch pad control of the Caldera cooktop is a convenient feature, especially on the uniquely designed gas models. The sleek, easy to use controls complement the black on black of the ceramic glass and the cast iron grates. The silent ignition eliminates the annoying click and snap of other gas cooktops. Features include touch controls, 21 repeatable settings, 8 macrocycling simmers, constant flame monitoring and quiet ignition.

Gaggenau Modular Refrigeration Columns
The modular column refrigeration and freezer system enables homeowners to mix and match and place the columns anywhere in the kitchen. Depending on personal taste, the new modular columns can be fully integrated into custom cabinetry or visually stand out with an aluminum or stainless steel door. The columns operate individually and include features such as motorized glass shelves and electronic control panels.

U-line Under-counter Appliance
The U-line under-Counter Combo Drawer is three appliances in one. The two-drawer unit has a refrigerator, freezer and ice maker. The clear top organizer puts food and drink within easy reach. A Slide & Divide Organizer easily adjusts to keep items of different sizes in place. The lower drawer houses the ice maker and freezer.

Perlick Multi-Zone Refrigerated Cabinet
With the all-new 72-Inch Three-Door Multi-Zone Refrigerated Cabinet homeowners can select a combination of up to three different climate zones in one under-counter refrigerated cabinet. Also features electronic digital temperature control and display.

Nucrete Countertops
Nu-Crete™ is totally stain free concrete surface which is available in both standard and custom designs. The color is mixed throughout the material and even contains a stain-proof feature.

Mesquite wood countertop.

KWC Waterstation
The Waterstation is an innovative, multifunctional integrated work center that’s ergonomically designed and has freely rotating individual functions and accessories centered around a faucet. The unit is available freestanding and can act as an island, a built-in corner unit or as built-in counter unit. Features include a revolving cage in the base cabinet with storage for pots and pans, a rotating carousel with removable waste sorting system.

KWC Canyon Bathroom Faucet
The new bath faucet is a monolithically shaped fixture with a bold stream of illuminated water complete with electronic sensor. The open water flow is illuminated by an LED light band that reads from blue to red depending on water temperature.

Elkay Scrub-a-Dubs™ Sink Collection
This whimsical sink collection makes kids want to spend time in the bathroom washing hands or brushing teeth. The lavatory collection is available in six imaginative designs that include inspired shapes such as a tulip, fish, butterfly and heart. The sinks are fabricated from durable, solid-surface composite material that cleans easily, won’t crack or dent, and is exceptionally resistant to chips, scratches and stains. The collection is offered in a variety of vivid colors.

Grohe 16-inch Rainshower Jumbo
This full-body showerhead is one the largest in the industry with over 250 individual sprays coming from a 16-inch diameter shower head.

Neorest Programmable Airbath
The new luxury bath has an auto-fill feature so you can set it and forget it. Just program the desired water level and temperature and the Neorest Airbath will sense when it has reached the water temperature and depth you desire and automatically stop the water’s flow.

Safety Tubs
The company introduced an acrylic walk-in bathtub that features a built-in chair-height seat, door system, therapy options and deep soaking dimensions. Fingertip electronic touch controls make adjusting water flow, temperature and jet options almost effortless.

Foot Flush
The retro-fit foot pedal makes flushing your toilet hands free. The pedal simply hooks to your toilet and without tools. In addition to its health benefits the hands-free flushing device is said to aid homeowners with back problems, limited mobility and other physical difficulties.

Ultra Silent™ Humidity Sensing Fan from Broan
Featuring Sensaire® technology and models that are Energy Star® qualified, the new line of Ultra Silent Humidity sensing fans are an effective way to control excess humidity and moisture in the bathroom. The fans include a sensor that turns the fan on when the humidity in the room rises and turns it back off once the air is clear.

Overflow bathtub.

Dulcinea Bath from Oceania
The Dulcinea is an oval bath measuring 72×42 inches and features an overflow channel that encompasses the bath so water is allowed to flow gently over the edge and is then redirected into the bathtub by a silent pump. The circular motion creates a current that is said to soothe the body.

Safety Bath So-Lo
This combination walk-in bathtub/shower is a space saver and offers the best of both worlds. It comes standard with a hydrotherapy whirlpool system and uses less water than a conventional bathtub. Safety Bath is self-contained so it can be installed in any convenient location in the home.

Kohler DTV
The custom showering product features a thermostatic valve and digital interface, the DTV eliminates multiple knobs and valve handles and offers pre-set water experience programs to operate numerous showerheads. Everything is simply controlled with a touch of a button.

Moen Velocity™ Showerhead
This new eight-inch showerhead features patented Moen Immersion™ technology – a self-pressurizing system that increases the force and flow of water delivery. The showerhead has a convenient lever to adjust the water delivery from the spray nozzles – concentrating it into 30 nozzles or expanding the flow out of as many as 100.

Decolav Bathroom Vanities
Decolav introduced several new vanities, but the glass pedestal had plenty of “wow factor.” The shimmering glass pedestal is enhanced by glass accents throughout. Polished chrome and frosted, transparent glass give the vanity a simple yet distinctive look.

Price Pfister Faucet Finishes
The company unveiled two unique finishes with old world charm – rustic bronze and rustic pewter. The detailed finishes are handcrafted to provide a wonderful combination of subtle color nuances and warm highlights.

Bristol and Bath Canova Collection Vanities
The English inspired Canova Collection adds style and warmth to the bathroom and since the bathroom furniture is not built-in, it can be easily moved from bathroom to bathroom. The furniture includes marble tops, basins and elegant faucets and uses materials such as Cherry and Walnut.

Other Tips from This Episode

Simple Solutions with Joe Truini:
Removing a Ceramic Tile

Using a hammer and cold chisel to remove a ceramic tile from a wall.

To install a soap dish on a tile wall, you first need to remove one of the ceramic tiles where the dish will go. To remove the tile, make indentations in the tile with a nail set in an “X” pattern, then drill holes through the tile on the indentations using a carbide tipped masonry drill bit. Use a cold chisel and hammer to connect the holes. Break the tile into pieces and chisel out each piece. (Watch Video)

Best New Products with Danny Lipford:
Stone Countertop Care Kit

Stone Countertop Care Kit

This three-part Countertop Care Kit from Stone Care International is the perfect way to keep all your natural stone and solid surface countertops looking their best. The kit includes bottles of cleaner, polisher, and sealer, along with detailed instructions on how to keep your countertops looking like new. The Stone Care International Countertop Care Kit is available at The Home Depot. (Watch Video)

Around the Yard with Tricia Craven Worley:
Watering Houseplants

Watering Houseplants

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Check out all the cool products from the 2006 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, including natural stone bathtubs, mesquite wood countertops, kitchen cabinet hardware, and induction cooktops.

Kitchen and bath products featured include:

  • Merillat Cabinets: Silhouette doors
  • Yorktowne Cabinetry: Stockton series
  • KraftMaid: storage solutions
  • KV Virtu: Easy Corner
  • Soko Doormen: Man-Handles cabinet pulls
  • Wind Crest: induction cooktop
  • Sharp Insight Pro: microwave drawer
  • Dacor: Epicure ranges
  • TurboChef: Speedcook oven
  • Caldera: cooktop
  • Gaggenau: modular refrigeration columns
  • U-line: under-counter appliances
  • Perlick: refrigerated cabinet
  • Nu-Crete: countertops
  • KWC: Waterstation and Canyon bathroom faucet
  • Elkay: Scrub-a-Dubs sink collection
  • Grohe: Rainshower Jumbo showerhead
  • Neorest: Programmable Airbath
  • Safety Tubs: walk-in bathtubs
  • Foot Flush: Toilet foot petal
  • Broan: Ultra Silent humidity sensing bath fans
  • Oceania: Dulcinea overflow bathtub
  • Safety Bath: So-Lo bathtub
  • Kohler: DTV shower valve
  • Moen: Velocity showerhead
  • Decolav: bathroom vanities
  • Price Pfister: faucets
  • Bristol and Bath: Canova Collection vanities

Read episode article to find out more.

Further Information

Danny Lipford: This week we’re at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Chicago, and boy have we found some cool stuff.

Announcer: Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford, the voice of home improvement with projects, tips and ideas, to help you improve your home.

Danny Lipford: The Kitchen and Bath Industry show is where hundreds of different manufacturers introduce the latest and greatest products for these two important rooms in our house: the kitchen and the bath. Now we’re going to do a little window shopping and kind of give you a sneak peek of what’s out there and actually do a little trend shopping as well.

Now they’re expecting over 65 thousand people at this event and the general public’s not invited, only professional decorators, designers and contractors, but I’ve got a pass to get us in.

The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show is produced once a year by the national kitchen and bath association and we’re right in the middle of the design idea center that kind of gives you a snapshot of some of the emerging trends that are taking place. Now a good place for us to start is to talk with a designer David Newton who’s with NKBA.

David Newton: Some of the trends we’re beginning to see as kitchen and bath designers, and very evident in this booth, will be other centers. As a kitchen gets bigger, we’re able to add other centers within in the kitchen area.

Countertops are making a vast change. One of the things that we’re beginning to see is concrete coming in, and with concrete coming in we’re getting concrete look alike material. And that’s what we have here is a material that looks like concrete but it’s not following that trend.

Another trend that you will see is the influx of professional cooking equipment. When the professional cooking equipment came in with the stainless steel we began to see other accessories, the dishwashers, the refrigerators. But then the cabinetry takes on the look of that professional appearance with the aluminum panels the decorative laminates in the metal colors. We’re seeing a lot of that today.

Glass doors, open shelving, backsplashes that are very unique to the individual. So every backsplash in every home doesn’t look alike anymore, we can personalize that to the individual.

Well, I think today with longer commutes to and from work and the hassle at work when you get home you want a relaxed place. You want a well designed kitchen that will give you features such as accessories, places you can store things within the kitchen to get the clutter out of the way at the end of the day. But a very well functioning kitchen I think would help the average homeowner quite a bit.

And then the kitchen also is a place that the family gathers and it has been that way for years and it continues to be that way. This is where the kids are going to do their homework. Many times this is where you’re going to plan maybe menus for the week. And it’s also maybe a place where bills are paid within the kitchen. So the kitchen becomes really the hub of the activities within the home, it’s been that way for years.

When I entered this industry in 1970, we didn’t have a lot of choice for either cabinet styles or appliances or faucets. But today we can have almost any style we want, and appliances and faucets match that. If you want a very contemporary look as we see here we’re able to do that.

Danny Lipford: Another thing that David told us about is the popularity of crisp, clean lines on cabinet doors. Now what I like about this particular door from Merillat is called the Silhouette door is that you can really define the style of the cabinet by simply your selection of hardware. It is a lot more cabinets and hardware to see at this show.

The Stockton series from Yorktown Cabinetry is another great example of the use of clean lines, but this time with a more traditional feel. The use of hickory in this line is new for 2006 as is this 21st century version of the early 1900s classic Hoosier cabinet. For purely modern function take a look at the drawer within a drawer or the slide out furniture leg with the built in spice rack.

We found several variations of the contemporary metal cabinets that David mentioned, like the European styling of the Selona line which is available in a variety of colors as well as wood grain patterns.

In the KraftMaid booth that modern look extends to the way cabinets are organized, including one unit that gives a whole new meaning to the idea of the appliance garage. Cabinet organization is a big issue for most kitchens and to meet that challenge there are plenty of innovative solutions on display here.

All that’s left is some cool hardware to dress up the cabinets, and we found that too. Unique sand cast, brass and aluminum elements from the hardware company, and these great stainless steel and bronze pieces call man handles from designer Carrie Sokolov of Soko Designs.

This is just one example of some of the very unique hardware we found here at the Kitchen and Bath Show. Now Carrie tells us she got into the hardware business when a friend of the family asked her to make some cabinet hardware based on a sculpture she had created called Jacob’s Ladder. These are pretty cool.

Hey, more from the Kitchen and Bath Show coming up.

Announcer: It’s time for this week’s Simple Solution from home repair expert Joe Truini.

Danny Lipford: You might not realize how easy it is to install a ceramic soap dish to an existing tub shower wall.

Joe Truini: The first thing you need to do is remove and entire tile so you have room to put in the soap dish, and you can start by punching a series of holes with a nail set along the tile and then drilling through those holes.

So begin by marking the tile with the nail set. These marks don’t have to be neat. They’re there just to give the bit a place to start drilling. Then use a carbide tip masonry bit to drill through the tile but not into the wall.

Next, complete the “X” shape pattern using a cold chisel and hammer. Connect the dots and crack the tile into pieces, and pry the pieces of the tile off the wall. Well once you remove the tile pieces and before you can install the soap dish, you have to smooth the surface with the coal chisel and scrape away any loose chips.

Danny Lipford: Now it depends on how old the tile is and how it was installed on the wall will determine how difficult it is to remove the particular tile you’re working on. Now, older tile like this is pretty tough. Newer installations will generally be installed on cement backer board, that’s a lot easier.

We’re back at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Chicago where we’re looking at all kinds of emerging trends for the kitchen and bath. Now over the last few years one strong trend in the kitchen area of the home is the use of professionally styled appliances, here’s a good example of that.

This is the Epicure for Décor and a number of pretty cool features, first of all you can see the lighted knobs here. It’s a great safety feature, because you can tell if anything is turned on by just glancing across the room. And it kind of adds a little bit of style to it as well. Also these are very precise controls that allow you to turn the burners down ultra low when you’re cooking those delicacies, like chocolate. Or if you want to turn it up for a roaring bowl no problem, very precise controls.

Also a large viewing window here that a lot of the commercial type ovens have that you can see what’s going on inside. But this is the feature I really like, your control panel will tilt right up so you can view it very easily, you can put in any of the controls you need to then tuck it right out of the way.

Now let’s look at some of the other kitchen appliances here at the show. Some of the biggest buzz generated at the show is over the new double wall speed cook over from TurboChef. This 30-inch retro design unit is getting attention not only because of its unique appearance, but also because of its performance. Turbo Chef says that the unit will cook up to 15 times faster than a conventional oven, cook the food evenly, and increase the moisture retained. The company credits duel microwaves combined with the stirring mechanism to evenly distribute them and high speed heated air for the outstanding performance. The reception to these dishes celebrity chefs are turning out seemed to support that claim.

For shear convenience Sharp has added this new 24-inch microwave drawer giving consumers more options for placement in smaller spaces. The touch pad control of the Caldera cooktops is another convenient feature, especially on the uniquely designed gas models.

But without a doubt the demonstrations of the induction cooktops are the most fun. The induction cooktop uses electromagnetic energy to heat the pan while the cooktop remains cooler. The results in these models we’re looking at from Fagor and Wind Crest are faster cooking times, better heat distribution, greater energy efficiency, and a cleaner safer kitchen.

On the cooler end of appliance the big news is modular refrigeration. It comes in a variety of forms like these column units from Gaggenau crammed full of features, or these under counter units from U-Line that blend in to all the base cabinets. Hurling a long time commercial appliance supplier is introducing a residential line that is stackable, comes in some cool colors, and features truly separate temperature zones powered by single compressor.

Appliances, of course, are a very important part of any kitchen; but probably the most visible part of a kitchen is the sink and the countertops. Now we’re back in the design idea center where there’s a number of completed and furnished kitchens to see how all the elements come together.

Now this particular sink is a large stainless steel sink, and I kind like how large it is. I can see how easy it would be to maybe clean up one of the large pots that you may be using. And I love the contrast between the stainless steel and this unique solid surface countertop.

Speaking of unique looks you have to check out this unique sink from Elkay. It’s called the Mystic and it debuted last year, but this year they’ve added the Mini Mystic integrated into a stainless steel top. This is a cool option for a prep sink or maybe a bar sink.

For a multi functional prep sink, this circular model from KWC has got to take the prize. It does it all. As David told us the professional look is still in and that’s obvious in this primary kitchen sink from Moen in their pot filler faucet which is on display with it. And if bigger is better, then these kitchen faucets from Dormont have to be on your list.

Now you have to have a cool countertop to put that sink in, and the one we looked at earlier in the design center is called Adobe Sea from Corian. They also supplied the concrete look alike top that David referenced earlier as a new trend.

However, they’re also real concrete tops on display here and Nu-Crete offers them in standard sizes as well as custom designs. The color is mixed throughout the material and even features a stain proof feature.

While wood countertops not new, I’ve never seen any made out of mesquite wood, fresh out of Texas. This is a slab piece of the wood and here’s small strips that have been glued together to assemble for this countertop. And then this one is actually the end grain of the wood that’s all put together to make this unique looking table.

And we’re looking at all kinds of different products for your home let’s look at another with our Best New Product of the week.

Announcer: Let’s join Danny at the home center to check out this week’s best new product. Brought to you by The Home Depot.

Danny Lipford: Natural stone countertops like granite or marble or solid surface countertops have been extremely popular over the last few years in kitchens and baths. But how do you keep them clean? And how do you keep them looking as good as they did when they were first installed?

Well, Stone Care International is answering all of those questions with their three-part care kit. Now within the kit you have three different bottles. The first one is to thoroughly clean the countertop surface itself, it has a little spray handle there to make it very easy to apply.

The second part will keep your family nice and healthy by applying a disinfectant that’s chemically balanced, to kill all of those germs that can be lurking around your kitchen or bath. And it also has a spray handle for that.

Now, the third part of it will really make it look like it was brand new with a countertop polish that’s applied using a clean towel. Here you apply just a light coat over the entire countertop. Allow it dry to a haze, then you buff it all off to really establish that original polish look that you had on the countertops.

Now all of this only cost 25 dollars and still requires a little bit of elbow grease, but the results are worth it.

Another thing I really like about the Kitchen and Bath Show every year is seeing some of the new tubs that are now available. This is a pretty impressive one from Kohler, it’s called the Soap for Two.

Now here’s the way this works: water is introduced to the tub and mixed with air, and it produces somewhat of a champagne bubble effect. And it cascades over the infinity edge into basically another tub, and then it recirculates. It also has the chroma therapy lighting throughout that really when it’s nice and dark, it provides a very ambient light throughout the entire tub area.

Hey, but there’s a lot more tubs around here. The air bath concept and the overflow edge are also prominent in the designs display by Oceania. While the kneel rest collection from Toto features tubs that automatically fill to the desired depth and temperature you choose.

This model from Jade is called the Honeymoon and includes not only a built in entertainment but a wine chilling station as well.

Homeowners with physical limitations will appreciate options like these from Safety Bath and Safety Tub, which make access easier by adding a car door style entry point which seals tight when the tub is full.

For those in the low tech crowd with an eye for beauty, the Stone Forest exhibit includes a great tub carved entirely from onyx.

Another thing that is always popular at this show, large custom showers with multiple showerheads. Now there’s a way to control that shower experience for each member of the family. It’s from Kohler and it’s called DTV which is digital thermostatic valve.

Here’s how it works. Now let’s say family member number four likes to have a shower that’s a 104 degrees, this automatically will adjust the temperature of the shower to that 104 degrees and control exactly what combination of showerheads that family member wants to come on. So again you can customize your shower experience and it’s just a touch of a button and you’re ready to go in the morning.

Now along with very elaborate showers comes some very elaborate shower heads. This model the range shower jumbo from Grohe is one of the largest in the industry with over 250 individual sprays coming from a 16-inch diameter showerhead.

The Velocity from Moen gives consumers a choice with a lever that shifts between a gentle rain shower spray of 100 nozzles to a more concentrated spray from only 30 nozzles.

With bigger showers there’s more humidity in the bathroom, so here’s a solution for families that forget to turn on the vent fan. This model from Broan includes a humidity sensor which turns it on when the humidity rises, and turns it back off once the air is clear.

These fans from Panasonic are big energy savers because they exceed the minimum energy star requirement by 75 to 400 percent. There are also accessories here to make toilets work better and some that just look cool.

Speaking of unique bathroom fixtures take a look at this vanity. It’s actually a 55-gallon drum where a bowl’s been created here that sits on top of the drum and even the ring that goes around the top of the 55-gallon drum has been used to create this mirror. Now this might be for every bathroom but it definitely makes a statement. Here’s a few others that make statements as well.

The great thing about a bath vanity is that the function of it is so simple there are an endless number of designs and materials that’ll get the job done. The only real limits are your imagination and, of course, your pocketbook.

There’s an obvious trend towards the vessel type lavatory in the exhibits here, and if that’s what you’re looking for you won’t be disappointed. These vessels are made from every imaginable and are designed to compliment most any décor. The variety of options here in the Decolav booth only is overwhelming, and this rough cut onyx lavatory from Stone Forest has a cool rustic elegance.

For the kid’s bath these sinks from Elkay called Scrub a Dubs are going to be hard to beat. Of course paired with these sinks are an equally wide variety of faucets in just as many styles. In many cases the water flows out more like a waterfall than a plumbing fixture. There are also tons of new faucet finishes based on metals like bronze and pewter.

The good thing about the wide variety of bathroom fixtures that are available you’re bound to find something that will fit your personality. Whether it’s a sleek contemporary look like this one or something a little more traditional like this new finish called aged pewter from the Delta Faucet Company.

Hey, we’ll wrap up this Kitchen and Bath Show right after our Around the Yard.

Announcer: Let’s head outside for Around the Yard with lawn and garden expert Tricia Craven Worley.

Danny Lipford: OK, so this is my plant, this is your plant, this just doesn’t seem fair.

Tricia Craven Worley: Well in all fairness to you, Danny, we actually droughted this.

Danny Lipford: It looks like it.

Tricia Craven Worley: Well this tip actually that I want to tell you about has to do with watering.

Danny Lipford: OK. Well, give us some tips on that because you know when I have plant like this I just fill it up with water when I think about it and then it usually soaks back down and I assume it’s getting enough water.

Tricia Craven Worley: Well that’s a good idea, especially in containers like that are small. These plants totally depend on us to do it. But there are some ways to tell if a plant needs some water. One way is if it’s droopy, hopefully not this droopy but droopy like this during the day and in he evening comes back to life it needs water.

Danny Lipford: OK.

Tricia Craven Worley: Another way to tell is if the leaves start to get a little grey or soft to the touch or shriveled like this, it needs water.

Danny Lipford: Now can you water them too much?

Tricia Craven Worley: Oh, yes you can. If a plant looks like this, and you have felt the soil, and it’s wet or maybe really wet it definitely has had too much so you might have actually taken it over the brink, but just give it a little bit of time to dry out the soil a little bit. And it will work.

Danny Lipford: OK. Well, since you know what you’re talking about I’ll take this one home and see what you can do with that one.

Tricia Craven Worley: Oh sure, Danny. OK.

Danny Lipford: It has been a busy three days trying to cover all the hundreds of booths here at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. Now, we looked at a lot of different products for your home, and some were fairly high end that you may never want to really install in your home, but they were fun to look at. And others that were extremely practical.

Of course a lot of the things that we looked at are not even on the market yet, but hopefully we’ve been able to give you some good ideas to help you improve your home.

Now if you need more information, visit our website at And join us next week when we’re back out on the job site. I’m Danny Lipford, we’ll see you then.

Your home is likely your largest investment so next week we show you how to protect that part of your portfolio.

Announcer: If you would like to purchase a video tape or DVD copy of this week’s show visit our website at or call us at 1-800-946-4420.


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