Joe’s 3 Favorite Painting Tips

painting tips

Painting is the No. 1 do-it-yourself home improvement project, and here are my three favorite painting tips:

  1. Before using a new roller, spray it with a mister. Then roll off the excess water on a piece of cardboard. It removes the loose fibers, so they won’t end up on your wall.
  2. Instead of pouring paint directly into a tray, line the tray with a sheet of aluminum foil. No need to buy a liner, and it makes clean-up a snap.
  3. If you’re taking a break from painting, wrap the roller sleeve in a plastic bag, secure with a twist tie, and store it in the refrigerator.

Watch the video for more info.


  1. I have tried removing wall paper from bathroom, underneath is brown paper and when I try to remove it some of the drywall comes off, what should I do so I can get my bathroom painted. Thank you

  2. I want to paint the tiles in my bedroom floor. I know I will need to prime them. Can I use garage floor paint to paint them?
    Also, my kitchen floor has laminate flooring which is peeling, how can I repair them. I do have spare (extra) flooring, should I just pull them up and replace, or can I possible paint , if so, can you recommend and very good sealant to use over the floor? Thank you for your expedient assistance, I really do enjoy watching your programs on TV.

  3. Hi guys,
    I had seen on a previous show where Danny put some type of additive into paint that would eliminate the streaking on cabinets. Can you pleas tell me the name of it?
    Thank you.


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