Interview with Baseball Legend Hank Aaron and Touring His Childhood Home

We interviewed baseball legend Henry Hank Aaron after a crew relocated his childhood home from Toulminville to Mobile, Alabama, where it was renovated and dedicated in his honor.

Interviewing a Baseball Legend

Hank — born in 1934 in Mobile, Alabama — played 21 seasons of baseball for the Milwaukee / Atlanta Braves in the National League and two seasons for the Milwaukee Brewers in the American League.

He held the Major League Baseball record for career home runs for 33 years and inspired generations who followed his example.

In 2008, we followed a crew who moved his childhood home six miles to Hank Aaron Stadium in Mobile, Alabama, where it was renovated into a museum honoring his achievements.

In this video, Danny interviews Hank Aaron about his record-setting baseball career and the home’s history.

Along the way, you’ll see some of the museum’s dedication ceremony, which featured a who’s who of baseball, including Hall of Famers Ozzie Smith, Reggie Jackson and Willie Mays.

‘There is No Shortcut’

As we go inside Hank’s childhood home, he says the house was small, but packed with love. He talks about his family’s life inside the home, and how it feels to have the museum dedicated in his honor, at the stadium that bears his name.

Hank notes that the plaques and trophies he earned, which are now on display at the Hank Aaron Childhood Home and Museum in Mobile, Alabama, symbolize hard work.

His advice for children, he said, is, “There is no shortcut in life. When you start thinking that there is a shortcut, that’s when you get in trouble.”

And, he said, slow and steady wins the race. Take one step at a time, working incrementally, and you’ll achieve great things.

Behind all the trophies and titles was a genuinely nice man. Hank Aaron, known as a gentleman, just as much as he was for his athleticism, died in January 2021.

Watch this video for Danny’s interview with Hank Aaron

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