How to Replace a Wrought Iron Porch Column

Since the wrought-iron column on this ranch style house was rusty and had seen better days, it was replaced with a low-maintenance fiberglass one. While the column came prefinished, it can be painted a different color if desired.

First, a temporary brace was installed to support the porch roof.

The old column was then removed by sawing it in half with a metal cutting blade in a reciprocating saw.

Next, the height was carefully measured and transferred to the column.

The hollow column was then cut to length by marking around it with a square and cutting each of the four sides with a circular saw.

The preassembled top and base moldings were slipped over the shaft and the column was set in place. The porch beam was jacked up slightly to allow the column to be positioned and checked for plumb.

Once it had been properly aligned, the brace supporting the porch beam was removed.

The base was caulked in place, while the capital at the top of the shaft was attached to the beam.