Innovative Ridgid Split Tank Portable Air Compressor

Ridgid Tri-Stack 5-gallon portable air compressor
Ridgid Tri-Stack 5-gallon portable air compressor

The Ridgid Tri-Stack 5-gallon portable air compressor has plenty of capacity and an innovative split tank design that allows the compressor to be separated from the tank for multiple tool use in different locations.

Features of the Ridgid Tri-Stack air compressor include:

  • 150 psi at 4.9 SCFM
  • Compressor separates from air tank for easy carrying.
  • Dual regulators with three outlets for multiple tool use.

The Ridgid Tri-Stack Air Compressor is available at The Home Depot.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Jodi Marks: You know there are a lot of compressors out on the market today, and just basically whatever you need and your project calls for you can get. But what if you need a big compressor some of the time and you might need a smaller, more portable compressor at another time?

Well, take a look at this by Ridgid. This is their Tri-Stack, five-gallon compressor. And by first glance you would think that this is just one big compressor, and it is, but I’ll show you in a second what else it can do.

Now first off, you can plug two different hoses in here for two different nail guns, or whatever you need to use the compressor for. And you can set those at whatever PSI level you need for those.

Now another thing that you can do is this. You can unlock it here. And once it’s unlocked, you can lift the compressor part off, because it has a smaller tank on the inside. And you can take this off to another portion of the house, let’s say, and do work there while someone else over on this side of the house can simply use this air only tank to finish up their project.

Now, another thing that you can do is get a hose, and plug it up to your compressor. And if you want, set this outside where the noise will be outside; and then run a hose to the air only tank here. And that way you can have a continuous flow of air into this tank. The noise is outside, plus it also acts as a surge for the air as well.

So, again, you’ve got a smaller tank here, you have a portable tank there, or you have one big tank here. And it’s going to meet all of your compressor needs.



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