Importance of Versatile Lighting in a Room

The type and location of lighting in a room can make a big difference in terms of both convenience and décor. Incorporating several types of lighting in a room – such as reading lamps, recessed light fixtures, and spot lights – at various levels makes the space more versatile.

Watch this video to find out more.

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Danny Lipford: I love the lights. Tell me about these.

Marisa Smith: These lamps are great for reading or watching TV. You see, it’s on . . .

Danny Lipford: Uh-huh.

Marisa Smith: Exactly.

Danny Lipford: There you go.

Marisa Smith: And you can move it around. So, if you want to sit over here, you can bring the light to you.

Danny Lipford: That’s pretty cool. And then overhead lights, you’ve got some recess, and I guess the accent light for the painting.

Marisa Smith: Yes, and that makes it really nice at night. So, when you’re watching TV, you can turn all the overhead lights off and just have the artwork softly lit. And have the rope light on so you don’t get a glare while you’re trying to watch TV.

Danny Lipford: Yeah, I think that versatility with lighting is pretty cool when you can have the different moods. Like, say we’ve got it pretty bright in here right now, but to be able to tone it down. Some people like a little more light than others. I guess you found that out.

Marisa Smith: Right, that’s true. But you know, lighting can make or break the entire space.

Danny Lipford: Mmm-hmm.

Marisa Smith: And the trick to it is that you just wan to have different levels of lighting and in different areas. You know, some overhead, some down low, some lamp lighting. But by having things everywhere, it gives you options.

Danny Lipford: True.

Marisa Smith: You can have more on, less on.


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