Importance of a Generator in Preparing Your Home for Severe Weather

If you live in a hurricane prone area, it’s important to make emergency preparations long before a storm is on the horizon.

Emergency preparations should include:

  • Stockpile water and nonperishable food.
  • Storm shutters or plywood to protect windows.
  • Tarps and roofing nails to cover a damaged roof.
  • Automatic standby generator or portable generator to deal with power outages.

A backup generator is a good idea even if you don’t live in a hurricane prone area, since the average utility customer in the U.S. experiences on average about 214 minutes of power loss a year. Automatic standby generators are the best option, since they’re:

  • Fueled by natural gas or propane.
  • Hardwired into your home’s electrical system.
  • Safer to use than a portable generator.
  • Turn on automatically within seconds of a power outage.

Portable generators are a less expensive option, but be sure to:

  • Choose a quality brand with a good safety record.
  • Only operate outdoors in the open away from your home.
  • Equip your home with carbon monoxide detectors to alert you in case of a buildup of CO gas.

Taking these steps now, before a hurricane or severe weather strikes, will ensure that you and your home are prepared in the event of an emergency. For more information, visit our Severe Weather Preparedness page.