How to Find Your Property Lines

Survey land
A licensed land surveyor can identify legal property boundaries. (DepositPhotos)

There are several times when you need to know exactly where your property lines are located, such as installing a fence, or creating new landscaping.

You’ll want to find out what the local building codes are in relation to any construction, and you must locate your property line.

To determine this, you need a licensed land surveyor, which you can find in the phone book.

The surveyor will review the original tract maps filed with the county when your home was built, then use a variety of tools to measure the exact boundaries of your property.

Then, they will mark your property by placing wood stakes in the four corners of your land.

If you’re just curious about finding your property lines without the expense of hiring a surveyor, you may be able to locate the four corners by using a metal detector to find the metal pegs that were originally installed to mark your boundaries.


  1. I had my property surveyed sometime ago to keep my pesky neighbor from mowing on my side of the line. While I was not at home, he has pulled up all the stakes. I put steel steaks in the same holes, but as soon as he saw me leave my house, he again ripped up the stakes. He even threw on of them into my drive way. What kind of stakes can I put down that he cannot pull up.

  2. The backyard, #1 fence is a metal stake with barbed wire, weeds are unbearable. #2 fence made out of wooden horse pasture fence they placed it 4 feet behind the #1 fence. Can they just leave that weed ridden metal stake fence, they only left the one metal fence that in my backyard they took down all the neighbors that stretches along the rest of the neighbors backyard?

  3. My property line was surveyed and redgistered with my county. Now there is a survey being done on the same line that doesn’t jive with my survey. Asking the surveyer who was taking survey who wanted it the man tells me its for a property owner a mile back in the woods that doesn’t even line up with my property.looks like its for next store neighbor . But thats not what he told me.

  4. Hello,

    I live in a mobile home park that does charge for lot rent. My neighbor decided to put up a fence (that barely leaves us room to walk out with the dog) without notifying us. I saw no evidence of a survey being done. She also had the limbs to a shared (I believe) tree without a care. I was upset that we did not know any of this major work was going on. I want to know how to go about finding the exact lot lines–they must be filed. I would go to the park office however this person has truly become obsessed with her hatred of me. She actually reported me to the mgmt. and lied of a complaint and now is stalking, harassing me. That is beside the point. I would appreciate any help with this issue. Something must be done. Thank you, KJ (FL)

    • Hi, Katherine!
      To find your property lines, first, check your home’s deed. The deed will clearly describe your property’s boundaries.
      Next, you should review the map, or plat, that you received when you purchased your home. This plat features the property survey, with lines and measurements.
      Good luck!

  5. .how do u tell where ur property line goes cause the neighber next door says that his property line is where out property line is.

    • Hi, Charlene,
      Danny says, “The key piece of information that would solve the conflict is the actual legal survey. That would be more accurate and have more details than any online survey. Thanks for your question.”

    • Hi, Priscilla,
      A backyard fence doesn’t necessarily mark a property’s boundaries.
      You will need a licensed land surveyor, who will review the original tract maps filed with the county when your home was built, and then use a variety of tools to measure the exact boundaries of your property.
      Good luck!

  6. I bought my house in 1983. Fence already around property. Never any problem. Now new neighbor says part of land is his. That would take part of my yard and side walk an fence to alley.


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