HUSKY’s Cordless Ratchet Gets Into Tight Spaces

HUSKY’s 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Ratchet charges quickly and helps you turn nuts and bolts in tight spaces.

The beauty of a ratchet is that it allows you to turn a nut or bolt in close quarters without removing and resetting the tool constantly.

But some spaces are so tight that you can only move the ratchet a few degrees at a time, and that’s where the HUSKY 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Ratchet is a huge advantage.

The 12-Volt Lithium-Ion battery inside this tool turns at up to 230 RPM and can produce up to 30 foot-pounds of powered torque. The low-profile head and built-in LED lights make seeing and working in tight areas even easier.

There’s a variable-speed lever for precise control and, if more torque is required, you can also use it as a manual ratchet where it can handle up to 150 foot-pounds.

It charges in just an hour and a half and lasts for up to 240 fastener cycles per charge.

Watch the video above to learn more about this product, which is available at The Home Depot.


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