Husky Portable Work Light

This fluorescent work light from Husky is perfect for illuminating large areas. Simply unfold the legs, plug it in, and raise the center shaft to turn the light on. It puts out the equivalent of 300 watts of incandescent light but uses much less energy. The Husky portable work light is available at The Home Depot.


  1. I have an owners manual. I could copy the pages and send them to you. I just opened the box and took out this light my dad purchased 2 years ago. When we began to set it up the black plastic support collar crumbled and fell apart. I am now on-line to see if there are replacement parts available.

  2. looking for one of these, but they appear to have been discontinued. Any ideas why, if there is a replacement, or where i could get one?

    • Hi Eric,
      I don’t know if Husky is still selling the fluorescent work light, but not all of the products sold by The Home Depot can be found online at their website, so be sure to check your local stores. Also, some are only sold regionally.

  3. Is there a way to check and see if this light might still be in stock in some obscure store somewhere? I’ve checked all the stores in SoOR and NoCA without success. Ours was destroyed in a tornado and I’d like to replace it. These are awesome lights.

  4. I have a Husky 272-931 EML WLB3-H 360 84 watt tripod work light. Whoosh, that’s a lot for a girl to say. Anyway, I try to be as self-sufficient as I can. I took my light to Home Depot this evening and everything is working fine except for one thing. Inside the bottom of the tripod, where the cord originates from, there is a tiny black casing that hold a fuse inside of it. The casing is in my hand with the fuse, but the round tip of the casing is inside the hole where the fuse goes, broken off from around the tip. I need some help please. I had every guy in Home Depot helping me today, until we got to that point. I’ve tried everything to try to separate the broken black piece around the hole where the fuse goes, but to no avail. Can I find a replacement part for this, or just tie a bunch of flashlights together and be done with it? HELP

  5. Pamela I had the same thing so I decided to finally pull it back out to use , I put in it took it apart put a new fuse holder and put it back together works like a charm

    Please feel free to contact Me

    Ms Linda Carter


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