How to Use Shredded Paper as Mulch Around Trees and Shrubs

Shredded paper from a paper shredder can be recycled and used to make great mulch around trees and shrubs as well as in your garden. Shredded paper also provides warmth, protection, and nutrients for the plant’s roots.

Avoid using glossy or colored shredded paper, since it won’t break down readily and may contain materials that aren’t good for the soil. After spreading out the shredded paper, cover it with compost or other mulch to keep the paper from blowing away.

Watch this video to find out more.

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  2. Very good suggestion. I believe, however, that nowadays recycling centers do NOT want you to dispose of shredded paper in your recycling bin as it co-mingles with small bits of glass and contaminates the mix for glass sorting. If not used in compost or as a mulch, dispose with regular waste. Thanks for the video, though.


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