How to Support Sheets of Plywood When Cutting

When cutting sheets of plywood, it’s important to support the entire sheet to keep it from pinching the blade of the saw. Here’s how to modify sawhorses to safely support plywood while cutting with a circular saw.

  1. Make two 1½” deep cuts, spaced 1½” apart, at both ends of the top of each sawhorse.
  2. Use a hammer and chisel to remove the waste between the cuts, leaving two 1½” x 1½” notches in the top of each sawhorse.
  3. Place long pieces of 2” x 2” lumber in the notches between the two sawhorses, so they’re flush with the top of the sawhorses.
  4. Set the depth of the circular saw blade so it cuts through the plywood but not too deeply into the sawhorses or supports.
  5. Use the circular saw to rip or crosscut the plywood.

The combination of 2x2s supports and the top of the sawhorses creates a sturdy support for cutting plywood. Watch this video to find out more.

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