How to Seal a Partly Used Caulking Tube

Using a nail to seal up the nozzle on a tube of caulking.
Using a nail to seal up the nozzle on a tube of caulking.

To seal up the nozzle on a partly used tube of caulking so it doesn’t dry out:

  1. Insert a long nail or screw that’s a tight fit into the hole in the nozzle.
  2. Apply duct tape over the end of the nozzle and nail.

To use the caulk again, simply remove the tape and nail or screw to provide a channel through the dried caulk in the nozzle so fresh caulking can come out. Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Joe Truini: There’re very few caulking projects that require you to use a full tube of caulk, so it’s important to find a way to seal it so you can reuse it next time. Now I’ve seen people use duct tape and even wire nuts to seal it but these ideas don’t really work because they don’t seal out the air. The air gets in the nozzle and dries the caulk and you can’t get it out.

So here’s an idea that works really well. After you cut it open and use some of it, plug up the nozzle with either a long steel rod, a screw, a long screw, or even just a nail. 16-penny nail, slide it in there, and then, tape the end of it with some duct tape.

What that does, it seals out most of the air and even if a little air gets inside the nozzle, you can pull out the screw or the nail, and there’ll be a channel so you can get the rest of the caulking out. And you can do this as many times as necessary, until you use up the entire tube.