How to Remove Standing Water From a Clogged Sink

Joe Truini siphons standing water from a bathroom sink with a water toy
Need to remove standing water from a clogged sink? This toy doubles as a siphon pump!

If you live in a home long enough, sooner or later you have to deal with a plumbing clog and a lot of standing water. And you can’t make the repair without removing the water first. 

Imagine taking out the sink’s p-trap to clean it out and all that standing water rushes into the cabinet. So, you have to remove the water.

Now, you could use a sponge or maybe a towel, but rather than using those to slop up all that water, here’s a quicker, easier way: use a pool toy!

A kid’s toy used to suck water out of a pool and squirt it works great as a little siphon pump to remove standing water from the sink.

Once you have all that water removed, then you can make the repair, you can take out that p-trap and not worry about all several gallons of water rushing in.

This is great for sink clogs, toilet clogs, if you have a malfunctioning washing machine that has water standing in the tub, and then you can make the repair.

But after using this to repair a plumbing leak, go out and buy the kids a new toy!

Watch the video to see the Simple Solution!

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