How to Reduce Kitchen Trash Can Odors

Follow these tips to reduce odors from garbage in kitchen trash cans:

  • Put a section of newspaper in the bottom of your kitchen trash can to absorb any liquids.
  • Put another section of newspaper in the bottom of the plastic trash bag.
  • Sprinkle scented kitty litter (about one cup) in the garbage bag to absorb liquids and provide a fresh smell.

Watch this video to find out more.

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Joe Truini: No matter where you keep your kitchen trash, whether it’s under the sink or in a pantry, chances are you’re going to have to deal with offensive odors from time to time. Here are a couple of tricks that can help prevent that.

First of all, a lot of odors are caused by liquids that spill out of the trash, so we’re going to start by absorbing the liquids with newspaper. First put some under the trash bag, directly in the bottom of the can, because these bags aren’t completely waterproof and sometimes they’ll get a hole and the liquids will leak out. And then, soon as you put in a new bag, add a few more pieces of newspaper, you don’t need much, maybe three or four sections. And again, that will help absorb liquids.

Now, to make sure that every bit of liquids get absorbed, we can enhance it with a little kitty litter. So pour in, you don’t need that much, maybe a cup or so, right on top of the newspaper at the bottom. Now, what the kitty litter is going to do is not only absorb excess liquids; but also, if you get the scented brand, it’s going to smell nice and fresh.


  1. Mr. Danny,
    I recently brought a home that was partially burned, which started from the kitchen. The fire was so bad until it left smoke stains all around the bricks outside. I have totally riped the entire inside and it now looks brand new, however, I need your help to find out what materials are needed to clean all of the black (smoke after mass away).

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  2. Hi Lynne, As you’ve discovered, cleaning smoke stains and soot from brick is a particularly difficult chore. The common solution is to mix one cup of TSP in a gallon of hot water, and then scrub the brick surface with a stiff-bristle scrub brush. Be sure to wear long rubber gloves and eye goggles. Finish by rinsing the brick with plenty of warm water. If that doesn’t work, you might want to try a product called, Quick ‘n Brite. It comes in liquid and paste form, and it’s suppose to be great for cleaning virtually any surface. Check it out at: Good luck, Lynne.–Joe T.

  3. Hi, Joe Truini, this is a very helpful post. You present how to absorb excess liquids. It will help us to proper utilize of kitchen trash can.


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