How to Rake Leaves and Get Rid of Them in Record Time

You know how to rake leaves, but what do you do once you have everything in a pile? How do you easily transport it into a trash can or your composting bin?

Well, they make claws and all kinds of implements for picking up leaves — or you can just use a tarp.

Joe Truini empties leaves out of a tarp into a trash can.
This simple tarp modification makes raking and collecting leaves easier — and faster — than ever.

Grab a 4-by-8-foot tarp, fold it in half, and then roll it up and staple wooden dowels on the ends.

Just lay the tarp right in front of your pile of leaves and rake everything right on it.

When the tarp is folded, it can hold a surprisingly large amount of leaves, grass clippings and twigs.

And with the handles, you can pick it right up!

Without the dowels, the tarp is really floppy and all the leaves would fall out.

Put the handles together and then just easily dump the leaves right into the garbage can.

And that’s how easy it is to rake leaves and remove them from your yard!

Watch the video to see the Simple Solution!


  1. I was all set to try this out and purchased two 5 foot wooden dowels but I’m unable to find a tarp with the 4x8ft dimensions. Do you know where I can one? How much should I expect to spend? Also, your tarp looks quite light. Should I avoid tarps that are labeled as “heavy duty”? Thanks, Rose

    • Hi, Rose,
      The tarp doesn’t have to be 4 by 8. It can be any size you’re comfortable working with.
      You don’t need a heavy-duty tarp, which could cost as much as $95. Something that costs $20 should work.
      If you can’t find a suitable tarp at local home centers, try Amazon.
      Good luck!


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