How to Prune a Climbing Rose Vine

A climbing rose vine looks great on the side of a home, but if you don’t know how to prune and care for it properly, you could stunt the plant’s growth or kill it. Here are a few tips to keep your rose vine healthy:

  • Don’t prune a climbing rose all the way back, since it will kill the plant.
  • Prune a climbing rose around February, before the growing season starts.
  • Prune off lateral branches and last year’s growth on climbing roses to promote new growth.
  • Shape the outer branches of a climbing rose to train it to grow against the wall or other surface and promote vertical growth.
  • Remove rose hips from last year’s growth, and use the seeds to grow new climbing rose vines.

Watch this video to find out more.

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  1. Have the rose climbing a metal drain pipe and after three no rose buds or blooms at all. What can we do for this thanks Rachel Pye

  2. I have a pink climbing rose on the front of my verandah and it has black spot all the way through it it’s client about Two and a Half Men up a brick wall and the first year flowering beautifully I just got it off a cutting from next door but I would hate to lose it do you think it’s worth pruning right back it’s now may what should I do

    • Hi, Lisa! Thanks for describing your climbing rose vine. Looks like there are some AutoCorrect issues so it’s a little hard to follow along. Please re-send the question. 🙂


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