How to Prevent Damage to Door Weather Stripping

Dogs and cats are pretty smart animals, and some have figured out that if they scratch on a door long enough, someone will come and open it for them. While this may appear cute, the damage the scratching can cause to the rubber weather stripping isn’t.

To repair damaged weather stripping and prevent future damage:

  1. Purchase new weather stripping to fit your door, along with a piece of vinyl lattice that matches the color of the door frame.
  2. Remove the damaged weather stripping from the groove in the door jamb.
  3. Insert the new weather stripping in the groove, and check to be sure the door closes properly.
  4. Cut the vinyl lattice to the length of the door jamb.
  5. Position the vinyl lattice over the weather stripping, making sure the door still closes properly.
  6. Tack the vinyl lattice in place with finishing nails.
  7. Set the nailheads just below the surface of the lattice.
  8. Apply a dap of caulking to each nailhead hole.

Now your pet can scratch on the lattice without damaging the rubber weather stripping. Watch this video to find out more.