How to Mix Paint

Before painting a room, combine the cans of the same color wall paint together in a 5-gallon bucket and stir thoroughly to eliminate any variations in color that might occur.

Start by taping a piece of fiberglass window screen to the bucket to strain and out any paint chips or debris. This is particularly important when working with paint that has previously been opened.

After pouring all the paint in the bucket, remove the window screen and stir the paint thoroughly. Rather than pouring paint into a paint tray for rolling, use a roller screen that attaches to the side of the bucket. This allows you to paint directly from the bucket which reduces clean up and is easier to use than a traditional roller tray.


  1. excellent piece! this is what i’ve been searching for for days now… thanks! and now i have the professional term, too, ‘boxing’ (i always wanted to box! jaja)

  2. I have been “boxing” paint for years but never knew where that word originated. I asked an old painter and he didn’t know either.

  3. Hi KT and Lane, Glad you liked the tip on boxing paint, which is critically important when using more than one can of paint of the same color. Pro painters box paint all the time, but few homeowners know this trick. I’m not sure where the term came from, but one definition of the word boxing is, “the act of enclosing in a box,” which is essentially what you’re doing when you pour (enclose)paint from gallon cans into a larger bucket (box).


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