How to Make an Affordable, Non-Toxic Household Cleaner

If you’ve shopped for household cleaners recently, you may have noticed that they fall into two basic categories: either affordable ones that are laced with chemicals or really expensive, non-toxic ones.

Well, here’s how to make a household cleaner that’s non-toxic, safe, eco-friendly, and it costs just pennies an ounce.

All you need is a 32-ounce spray bottle, one cup of rubbing alcohol followed by 2/3 cup of white vinegar and then top off the bottle with water.

Just mix it up and watch how well it cleans. It dries really fast, too — no streaking — and it can be used on virtually any surface around the house.

That includes countertops, appliances, in the bathroom, fixtures and fittings, windows, doors and even painted cabinets.

And if you want to add a little fragrance to it, just put in a couple of drops of essential oil.

Watch the video to see the Simple Solution!


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