How to Mark and Open Boxes When Moving

When packing boxes to move from one house to the next:

  • Loading Boxes: Put a piece of the same color tape on all the boxes for a particular room. Then put a piece of the same color tape on the door to the same room in your new home, so the movers can easily tell which box goes in what room.
  • Opening Boxes: Set the utility knife so the smallest amount of blade (1/8” or so) protrudes from the knife to keep from damaging the contents inside when opening boxes.

Watch this video to find out more.

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Joe Truini: Did you know the average American moves nearly 12 times in their lifetime? And regardless of whether it’s your first move or your 50th, moving day can be both an exciting and stressful time. Here are a few tips that can make the day go a little more smoothly.

First, when you are packing up the boxes at the old house, get some colored tape and mark each box with two little strips. Then you take the same colored tape, and you mark the door in room. This way, when you’re bringing the boxes in, especially if you have someone helping you, they’ll just know to put the boxes with the red tape in the room with the red tape on the door. And you get tape in various colors, so you have plenty of options for a bunch of different rooms.

Now, once you get the boxes to the new house, and you have to cut them open, here’s a little tip that works really well so you don’t damage any of the goods inside. Take a utility knife and extend the blade the shortest possible distance, just an eighth of an inch or so. Then tape the switch with some duct tape, so that it doesn’t move. Then you can very neatly and easily cut open boxes without damaging anything inside.


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