How to Make Wider Cuts on a Motorized Miter Saw

Joe Truini making a cut on a motorized miter saw.
Joe Truini making a cut on a motorized miter saw.

Most 10” motorized miter saws can make crosscuts up to 5½” wide. In order to make wider cuts, add 2”x6” blocks of wood to the miter saw table. This raises the cutting surface up to a wider part of the blade, allowing for crosscuts about 1″ wider (6½” wide on most 10” miter saws).

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Danny Lipford: Most homeowners think of a motorized miter saw as a great way to cut moldings around the house, but professional carpenters use it all the time for two by fours, two by sixes, and even one by material.

Joe Truini: A ten-inch saw has a cutoff capacity of about five and a half inches, which is great unless you have a 6 and a half in wide board. So what I did to solve that problem is take a couple of two by six blocks and just put them on the saw table. And what that does, it raises the work piece up to a wider portion of the blade and allows you to cut up to about one-inch wider.

Danny Lipford: Now this technique also works great for taller moldings, such as base moldings or any type of crown molding that’s so popular around the house. Now this technique works well to cut the wider boards, it’s also a good safe approach when you’re using a miter saw. And of course remember that safety, and always wear your safety glasses.


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