How to Make a Laundry Hamper Organizer

The dimensions of your hamper tower will depend on the size and number of hampers you need to accommodate. For this design the hampers must have a lip around the upper edge so they can be supported by cleats on either side.

In this case, the hampers are 10-1/4 inches high so we can house three of them in a cabinet that’s about 36 inches tall. The depth of the cabinet should also accommodate the depth of the hampers.

  1. Once you determine the overall dimensions, cut the sides of the unit from 5/8-inch plywood.
  2. The cleats that will support the hampers are made from 1x2s positioned at equal intervals up and down each side. Secure the cleats with screws.
  3. Paint and prime the sides.
  4. Connect the two sides along the back and top with more 1x2s. This dimension will depend upon the width of your hampers.
  5. Move the unit into position in the laundry room. Screw to the studs in the walls through the 1x2s along the back.
  6. Use a piece of laminate countertop or a piece of plywood to cover the tower.

When it’s complete the hampers can slide in and out of the tower.

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