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How to level your stepping-stone walkway

There’s a problem with a couple of these stepping stones.
Because of settling, a couple of them are rocking, and that creates a tripping hazard.

So, we’re gonna repair them! All you need to do is get yourself some sand — that’s all.

We found the easiest, quickest way is just pouring in some sand. Buy a big bag of sand at the home center and spread it out to help level out the stone — and then simply flip over the stone and put it back in.

Ordinarily, you use a rubber mallet; in this case, I’ll use a dead blow hammer to pound this stone down into the sand.

You want to leave the stone a little high; over time, after a few rainstorms, the sand will settle in.

And now your stepping stone path is perfectly safe!

Watch the video above to see Joe’s Simple Solution.

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  1. How do you attach a door to an open porch. Eventually, would like to enclose the outdoor space and make and indoor / outdoor space by adding windows and a half wall. Thanks

  2. Hello, My question concerns drainage around our house. From the street, our property slopes down. Behind our yard is a ditch that is usually dry but becomes a small river with a lot of rain (this has not caused any problem for us)..
    With a lot of rain, we get some pooling in the front of the house, especially since we took down the gutters. We also get some pooling in areas of the back patio and yard. I’ve been researching methods to help divert water. I’m considering a project for front yard drainage this fall. I want to dig a ditch from the front porch to the side of house and down the side. I saw a YouTube video where they lined the ditch with landscape fabric, added rocks, folded over the fabric and covered it with soil and sod. No perforated piping was used. Is this a good option? It’s a big undertaking for us (although we’ve redone the whole yard since kids left, still we’re not so young.) Should I leave this to professionals, and if so what type of company?

  3. Hi,
    We have several stepping stones embedded into our concrete patio. There is one at the bottom of an outdoor staircase. Over the years the top layers have broken & come off. Now there is a hole in the center of the stone leaving only the outer bands and a few layers of the stone, causing a terrible trip hazard! What is the best way to fill it in and seal it?


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