How to Keep Wheelbarrow Tire from Going Flat

If you’re tired of pumping up the tire on your wheelbarrow when it goes flat, consider replacing it with a solid, universal wheelbarrow tire. As the name implies, solid tires aren’t inflated with air, so they never go flat. Universal wheelbarrow tires come with different parts and adapters to allow it to fit your most models of wheelbarrows.


  1. Hi, and thanks. When it comes to hardware, every bit of information is news to me.

    I have a 2-wheel wheelbarrow. Same advice, to go for a solid tire?

    Any disadvantages to going solid?

    I’d like to see Part II where you show some of those adapter parts and what they’re all about.


  2. Use an inner tube with Green Slime or equivalent. Less than $10 at Amazon. Five years and have not had to reinflate.


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