How to Install Mosaic Tile in a Bathroom

Installing mosaic tile as flooring or an accent strip requires a bit different technique than laying large tile. Some mosaic tile are held together in squares with a mesh backing, while others employ paper facing. To lay mosaic tile:

  1. Apply thin-set adhesive to the surface with a notched trowel.
  2. Embed the squares of mosaic tile in the adhesive, positioning them carefully so the joints between the squares are even.
  3. If the tile is held together with a paper backing on the front, wet the paper and peel off the backing once the adhesive has set.
  4. Finish up by grouting between the tile with a rubber float and sponge off any excess grout.

Laying mosaic tile requires a little extra work, but the results are worth it. Watch this video to find out more.


  1. I watched this show but it didn’t show how you tiled the shower niche which is what I was interested in. Is this on your website anywhere?

  2. This video is great! The tips you have shown are indeed helpful for DIY people like me. I hope you can also share a video on how to install a mosaic kitchen countertops. Thanks!

  3. Hi, i need to fix a couple 21/2 ceramic white border tiles along the edge of my bathroom sink, can you advise how and what to use to fix them on?



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