How to Install a Peephole in a Door

Installing a peephole in an entry door is a great way to improve the security in your home. Here are some tips to keep in mind when installing a peephole in your door:

  • Peephole Height: When installing a peephole in an entry door, make sure to position it at the right height for whoever will be using it. You can also install a second peephole lower on the door for children to use.
  • Drilling Hole for Peephole: To prevent tear out, don’t drill all the way through the door. Instead, drill the hole until the drill bit is visible on the other side, then finish drilling the hole from the other side.
  • Installing a Peephole: Unscrew the two halves of the peephole. Insert the inside half through the hole on the inside of the door, and the outside half through the hole on the outside of the door. Screw the two halves tightly together.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Danny Lipford: Rob is asking, “Is it difficult to install a peephole in a front door?”

No, it’s not a hard project at all to install a peephole in any type door, including a metal door like this one. I just installed this one a few minutes ago.

The main thing is to position your peephole at the right height for the person that’ll be answering the door the most. I have seen people who put a second peephole in for the kids. But it all starts with measuring. Measure exactly where you want it, then use the right size drill bit.

But don’t drill all the way through the door even if it’s a metal door. You want to go until you see the drill bit starting to emerge, then go around to the other side and drill back through so that you don’t have any splintering or any damage to the door.

Then the peephole comes apart—two different pieces—you screw it in, tighten it up, and you’re through. That way next time someone knocks on the door, you’ll know who it is.


  1. I see the peephole, but I don’t see the peephole cover that is used on the inside. Is there a reason why you used this particular peephole?

    I live in a hold house and you can tell if the light is off or on, from the outside, by looking into the peephole. My last place had a peephole cover so you couldn’t do that.


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