How to Hang Drywall over Bricks

In order to hang drywall directly over a brick wall, you must first apply construction adhesive to the back side of the drywall. Most construction adhesives will work for this process but there are some that are specifically designed for use with drywall.

Though the adhesive will do most of the work, it will not immediately secure the sheet. So, we’re driving several concrete nails around the perimeter of each piece. We’re driving them through the drywall and into the mortar joints because the mortar is easier to penetrate than the brick itself.

Just like drywall nails or screws, these nails must be driven just below the surface so they can be covered later with drywall joint compound.

Once the sheets are hung, finishing the drywall is exactly like it is anywhere else. Tape the seams and apply coats of joint compound until the surface is smooth.

Watch the video above to see the entire process!