How to Hang a Garage Curtain Made from Drop Cloths

A multipurpose room needs a curtain to hide tools and other items you don’t want to see while shooting pool or watching TV. Here’s how to hang a simple garage curtain made from drop cloths.

Our garage curtain is made from threaded, three-quarter-inch galvanized pipe and drop cloths. To connect the pipe to the ceiling and additional pieces of pipe, we’re screwing on a Tee fitting, which has another short piece of pipe and a floor flange connected to it.

Next, we slide curtain clips onto the pipe before we thread on floor flanges at the ends where it meets the wall.

Once all of these pieces are connected, we lift the whole assembly up into place and mark the mounting holes in the floor flanges. If some of these holes don’t land on wall studs or ceiling joists, you can use drywall anchors or toggle bolts to secure them before driving screws into the framing through the other holes.

Finally, use the curtain clips to attach the drop cloth to hanging pipe — and you’re done!


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